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A cup of black coffee served in an 8-ounce foam cup was a staple in my family. Regardless of the time of day, coffee was always available. Some of my earliest memories are of Ampoo (my Grandfather), sneaking me a small sip of his black coffee. He would promptly be scolded by Ammoo (my Grandmother); sending him and me into a fit of giggles. The 8-ounce foam cup of coffee was present my entire life. It was on the table for a game of Cribbage, for birthday parties and other celebrations, for the best days and the worst. As time moved on, the foam cup was replaced by fancy mugs, but the purpose remains…Let’s put on a cup of coffee and figure this out. Whatever it is, good or bad, let’s figure it out.

As we navigate this new adventure called The Cup on 2nd; my hope is that you grab a cup of coffee and figure things out.

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